About us

Club FAQs

So what is Ski Club?

Ski Club is an off campus group that is all about having fun.  Whether it's socials at Midway, Tailgates, Beer Olympics, trips, or the trip announcement party, you'll have a great time!

Off campus?

Back in 2012 we were kicked off campus for a fire extinguisher incident on our way to Colorado that led to quite a bit of publicity.  OSU didn't like it, and here we are!

Trism socials

Every other Thursday at Trism we break the bank and buy plentyyy of delicious Bud Light!  Bartenders hook up our members all night long free of charge (but don't forget to tip <3)  


DARTY!!  We host tailgates for all big ten home games (check the calendar for dates and locations) with kegs, jungle juice, and a mechanical bull for the biggest home game of the year!  Anyone is welcome with a club member so feel free to bring friends!

Do you guys ski/board tho?

Yeah!  We have our annual winter trip that will probably be the best week of your life, and also offer a discounted pass option for our local hill, Mad River.  We also take groups up for Mad River's college Fridays so the opportunity to get on the snow is real!

LIT! How much?

Only $40 for a whole year of socials, parties, and a free t-shirt!