Who doesn't like free stuff?

Go sign up on our google sheet to save your spot for the beer tournament!  Both competitors MUST be active members for the 2017/2018 year and have paid dues prior to the tournament.

The winning team members will BOTH receive a free winter trip, transportation included!  Don't worry about any payment deadlines, just show up on December 16th and hop on the bus! 



If a ball hits the table and then goes into a cup (even by accident), the cup that the ball goes into is removed, as well as another cup of the shooter's choice. If there are only 2 cups remaining, the bounce only counts as one cup.  However, once a ball makes contact with any surface it may be swatted.

On the table/Rollbacks

 After shooting if the ball rolls back to the shooter without hitting the floor (you may also grab it mid-air), the shooter can shoot again as long as it is a trick shot. The shot counts as one cup if made. 


 After a shooter hits two cups in a row, they can call “heating up.” If they make their third shot they can announce that they're on fire and can shoot until they miss. If the player fails to announce that they're heating up they cannot call on fire. 


Each player once per game can call a specific cup if it is not touching any other cup.  If the called cup is hit, the defending team pulls the hit cup along with an additional cup of the shooter's choosing. If the shooter calls a specific cup and hits another, the ball is pulled out and the unintentionally hit cup remains on the table. 


Once per game, each team can request that the remaining cups be rearranged at the start of the turn.  Re-Racking will forfeit your rebuttal UNLESS the opposing team also chooses to re-rack.

Balls back

You know the deal, if both shooters hit, both balls are sent back.  There is no limit on the number of times balls can be sent back.


After the last cup is hit each player from the losing team has a chance to hit the remaining cups. Each player shoots until they miss. Once both players miss and there are remaining cups, the game is over. If the players manage to hit all remaining cups the game goes into a 3 cup overtime. 


Three cups will be placed in a small triangle, and the would-have-been winners shoot first.  No re-racks.  No rebuttals.  Gentleman re-rack optional.  Team to hit eliminate the opposing cups first wins. 

Death Cup

If both shooters hit the same cup before it can be removed, the game is over (please pay attention).


Keep them behind the line, don't be a dick.



Bitch Cup